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He is rap’s reigning star, the best-selling musical artist of 2016, and the recipient of three Grammy Awards, including two this year for Best/Sung Collaboration and Best Rap Song.He is also prepping the release of his latest project, Over the years, Drake has been linked to a number of female celebrities, from actresses and athletes to models and fellow musicians.“I love Nicki Minaj/ I told her I’d admit it/ I hope one day we get married just to say we f–king did it/ And girl I’m f–king serious I’m with it if you with it/ ‘Cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted/ Uh, damn, I think you caught me in a moment.” — Drake, declaring his love for Minaj on “Miss Me” “Me and Nicki have a really playful relationship. I saw Nicki for the first time and, like, literally fell in love. It’s always love.” — to Zane Lowe, 2015 “What about me?!She had this snap-back hat on that said ‘Minaj.’ She used to wear that every single day. People go through their own motions and you’ve gotta respect it and keep it moving. Whatever is going on now, obviously we’re all very busy and you know, s— happens. Not only for our past, and how much work and time we put in, but even just the way she dealt with the situation. ” — Minaj, jokingly acting jealous after Drake complimented Vanessa Hudgens at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards “To Nicki Minaj, I’m so glad we found our way back, and I love you, and I could never, ever see it any other way,” — Drake, accepting an award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards “I got my whole family up here …De Generes first asked Nicki about her breast-baring moment at Paris Fashion Week, before seamlessly transitioning the conversation to her new flame."I'm an equal opportunity boob show-er...I love them both," Minaj said, declining to name a favorite between left or right."Good for you. " Ellen replied, causing Minaj to burst out laughing.Drake was originally slated to host his own New Year’s Eve party at a different club in MIA but he left the party early to go party with Nicki.

Though neither of them has really opened up about what caused the rift in their relationship or how they repaired it, the pair have talked at length about the ups and downs of their friendship — and teased the potential for more — over the years.

He’s developed a reputation as something of a ladies’ man in the media, though in a case of life imitating the rapper’s lovelorn, melancholy art, his relationships rarely last very long.

Here are five of the most famous women that Drake has dated.

Aubrey Drake Graham and dont stare at her too long. “ — Minaj, hinting at a strain in their relationship to Hot 97 in 2013 “Not even talkin’ to Nicki, communication is breakin’/ I dropped the ball on some personal s—, I need to embrace it” — Drake, rapping about a fall-out between him and Minaj on “Tuscan Leather” “I think the dialogue actually between us was already opened up. I wrote that a while ago and I kinda felt guilty changing it. I could only ever do the same.” — on the fallout from his feud with Meek Mill, to Zane Lowe on Beats Radio 1, in 2015 “There was points in time where I was sitting there waiting — is this gonna go — how deep is your love?

It was a sentiment that I had when I started this album and felt like that’s how it should be. ” — Minaj, joking about a video in which Drake treats her to snacks, in 2014 “I never f—ed Nicki cause she got a man/ But when that’s over then I’m first in line/ And the other day in her Maybach/ I thought God damn, this is the perfect time/ We had just come from that video/ You know L. traffic, how the city slow” — Drake, rapping on Minaj’s song, “Only” “They’re men, grown-ass men.

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