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Yet at this same time Corona was running TV commercials showing close-ups of nearly naked girls on tropical beaches. In the meantime the Internet was in transition again. Skip ahead to May 2002 when they rented a home with a pool for a weekend in the San Fernando Valley.They hired 20 or so aspiring female thespians and one young German fella to perform skits.This was a take on similar TV shows of the ‘50s and 60’s, except that it was to be done live on the Internet and with some risqué shots. Although it was a lot of fun, no one had any idea what was going on or what they were doing.Halfway through the shoot, since many of the performers weren’t needed anymore that day, most of them were allowed to leave. By now the name had changed to “Our House Party” and a new logo was drawn.Later it was learned the audio guy had recorded over all the day’s previous material. Marcelo Ramallo, one of the cameramen hired to shoot the house party, became interested in joining Don with the adventure.

Sexy, Silly Television actually evolved from a live Internet TV show broadcasting from studios in Calabasas, CA back in 1999.

Had Don’s many young female co-hosts been aware only 60 people could be viewing them at any one time, they might have had a difficult time performing.

But they never found out and thus helped Don put on some very memorable little shows.

Given Don Daro’s pioneering background in radio, it was only natural for him to take the medium to the next level. That’s when you needed a T-1 connection to receive the broadcast.

DSL and Cable weren’t around yet, so only 60 viewers at a time could see the show’s live streams.

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