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Wolfe claimed a Tinder executive, whom she briefly dated, stripped her of her cofounder title, saying, according to her civil complaint, that she was a "24-year-old girl" and it would be "slutty" to be the female founder of a hookup app.

He subjected Wolfe, her lawsuit alleged, to "sexist, racist, and otherwise inappropriate comments, e-mails, and text messages," including calling her a "whore" in front of coworkers at a company party.

Many people still think of sexual harassment as a quid pro quo offer of a promotion in exchange for sex.

So when faced with sneakier forms of harassment— especially from a coworker, not a boss—women have a way of questioning themselves.

The impact on her was clear from the texts she sent a friend: "The shit he says…makes me wanna kill myself," Wolfe wrote, according to her complaint.

"He's so low and nasty, I might quit." The exec later resigned, and Wolfe, who declined to comment, settled with Tinder for an undisclosed amount.

"It was just a hostile, sexual environment," says Garcia."It wasn't overt, textbook, grabbing a butt, or asking me on a date," says Waters of her experience with Zivkovic, "but I felt deeply uncomfortable and sexualized and it created anxiety problems for me.I wanted to make a career as a writer on my own merit, but it felt like it wasn't my work that was being elevated."Zivkovic, on the other hand, flatly denies he acted inappropriately toward any of the women and says the incidents they labeled harassment were misunderstandings that didn't happen in professional settings or situations.Another 10 percent say their harasser was a female coworker.(The results exceed 100 percent because some respondents had been harassed multiple times.)"It might be leers, gestures, or putting porn up on a computer.…There is an infinite variety of ways to make people feel uncomfortable," confirms Anne Vladeck, a New York employment and labor law attorney.

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The company did not admit wrongdoing, and a spokeswoman declined to comment.

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