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The Baby Boomer generation, born between 19, is the largest generation ever to enter retirement in the United States.They are just now beginning to hit 65, and the percentage of them in retirement is rising quickly. "The new retirees we are seeing bring a different perspective on dating to retirement," said Victoria Sosa, with Cambridge Village of Apex.Activities like horseback riding, boat trips, traveling, exercise classes and other social events at assisted living communities increase seniors' chances to build relationships with those they live with."In our community, we see a lot of people meeting and developing relationships," Sosa pointed out."It is exciting to see when residents find companionship and even love.It's true that love never ends." To combat this age-old problem, new technologies are beginning to attract single seniors.Dating anyone can be an exciting roller coaster ride.If you are dating a combat veteran however, the experiences can be a whole lot different than with anyone else.

I visited Starbound developer and Stardew Valley publisher Chucklefish last week to play Wargroove, its upcoming turn-based strategy game.Here are some things you might want to know about before or while you are dating a combat veteran.How Dating a Veteran Taught Me That Our Country Doesn’t Really Protect Returning Service Members In this article from Bustle, the author describes the experiences she had while dating a veteran for two years.Even though both sexes are living longer, women still live eight years longer than their male counterparts.Because of this, the mismatch of men to women grows as time goes on, leading to around seven women for every man in assisted living.

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  1. “I looked at several dating shows on network TV, and one popular one in particular, and the same things kept coming up — it’s not diverse,” says TV producer Mark Burnett, who did a deep survey of the dating show landscape while creating his latest show, and a 2012 racial discrimination lawsuit (which was thrown out) against the shows and its producers, it’s hard to unsee how there’s approximately one contestant of color for every 15 white ones.