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Money and sex regularly rank as the most common reasons couples fight.

Research from Learn Vest’s Money Habits and Confessions Survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, concluded that financial issues are more than twice as likely as sex to cause tension in a relationship. First dates can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never met, or have had minimal face-to-face contact.

I didn’t ask any questions, just left it pretty brief.

That evening I got a reply saying thanks for the message and that she also had a great time.

To cut a long story short, the meal was fantastic; we shared stories, had a few laughs and spent the best part of 4 hours together before eventually parting with a kiss on the cheek.

Neither of us got drunk, we shared a couple of drinks but we were both sensible enough to know that we needed to stay relatively sober in order to form an accurate opinion of each.

The next day arrived and I sent a text early afternoon to say I had a great time and that she looked great.

I replied with a nice message, without mentioning the fact that she hadn’t answered my questions, to which she replied again with another nice message but again no answer to earlier questions. So I think I’m going to listen to the sensible me and stop dwelling on it, keep looking and have fun.

Which leaves me where I am now, sat in front of my computer wondering what to do next? Do I text her again with just a casual “how are you? Ginge Read Martin’s next post: Things I have learnt following my first date…

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