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Mathew As an appreciator of your mental acuity, muscianship and creativity, I thank you for your generosity in support of all who have suffered so much for so long at the hands (and other bodily parts, minds, etc.) of those who they were taught should be trusted.Regardless (dare I suggest failure in a conviction for so many who have preyed on the innocent children) of the outcome, your words have resonated with and expressed the thoughts of many people.Around the time of her engagement to Dawson, she hinted to The Boot that there may be some changes ahead in her professional life.“I’m just hoping to release something. “Getting the whole team behind me and to agree on songs, it’s a lot. I’m taking this year as a little bit of a transitional year, and figuring things out and doing what I want to do creatively, and not answering to anybody. Nashville Gab reports that Pope and Dawson, who is the drummer for rock band All Time Low, "have amicably ended their relationship," per a statement from a representative.However, according to the statement, the two "remain friends, supportive of each others’ careers, and maintain the utmost respect for one another.”Pope and Dawson began dating in 2009; they met while Pope's former pop-punk band Hey Monday were on tour with All Time Low. Country music fans may recognize Dawson from Pope’s “Summer” music video; he stars opposite her, as Pope’s love interest in the clip.“I actually begged him to be in the video,” Pope tells Taste of Country.

The church in Australia (like elsewhere in the world) knew of the actions of many of their priests, and rather than going to the police, shuffled them from diocese to diocese, facilitating their abuse rather than arresting. Child abuse royal commission: Cardinal George Pell told priest that Gerald Ridsdale was ‘rooting boys again’, inquiry told (ABC News) Push to fly victims to Rome grows (The Courier) 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown digs deep into George Pell’s Melbourne Response (au) Sharon Knight MP slams Cardinal George Pell in parliament (The Courier) UPDATE: There’s a follow up statement here. You’re a musical genius and I’m really proud you’re an Aussie. It’s about fucking time this issue got some public attention. This song, the award winning movie, Spotlight, global news reports of the Royal Commission and the massive interest from the public in many countries, is no coincidence Cardinal Pell, we all want to know what you knew. Powerful film that everyone raised Catholic should go see . Lots of us here have been following developments with interest! The Vatican rewarded Brady by promoting him to head honcho in Ireland! I was then berated for taking my dear buddy, an aethiest, with me who gave me two hours of unbelievable support. It is truly a thing of beauty that I am soooooo much closer to my mother, and she with me.Most importantly, you have given the victims of the atrocities a sense of support and comfort. Don’t know if you fully realize it but America hears your songs too. Thank you for your giant heart and great big brain.Your other song about this topic made me turn in my former best friend who I didn’t want to believe might be capable of this type of horribleness. Tim, it’s not hard to see why you are a hero to so many.Don’t know if anything ever came of it but at least it’s possible to sleep at night. You certainly are held in the highest regard in this household for always standing up for what you believe in and for championing those who need your help.Stephen Fry once said that telling the truth is probably one of the biggest ‘sins’ out there these days. The current situation with Cardinal Pell and his obfuscation to date is just appalling. No one wants the man to die en route to Australia, but his credibility could be restored if an INDEPENDENT medical practitioner, appointed by the Commission, deemed his health too fragile to fly. They protect their own and don’t give a toss about all the harm that has been done and continues to be done to the members of their ‘flock’.

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