First month dating

The first month of a relationship is usually the best one.

That’s why we call it the “honeymoon stage.” However, it’s not always the easiest.

For some people they are a mystery too obscure to solve.

In the service of those who want to walk the road to long-term intimacy, we've detailed the steps that will help you navigate those fraught first four weeks.

1) Look for a common thread in what they tell you about previous relationship: I have learned to listen to the common thread in a man’s relationship patterns with other women. I know from my own personal experiences that no matter how flat you make a pancake, it still has two sides.

For instance, one man I dated had a history of women who were needy and in a bad place in their life. So, if I was not needy, then he had no role in the relationship.

In most of the cases, you can substitute the word women for men.

Here are the ten things that seem to show up and I ignored.

Hopefully, after 30 days of hanging out with this still-shiny-and-new individual, you’ve covered all the pertinent first date questions and gotten Are they even seeking something that will go the distance, or are they totally not into the whole exclusivity thing?If you’re interested in something that will last, it’s crucial to know if that’s even a remote possibility with the person you’re dating.Relationships are hard to come by and even harder to make work in the long term.When I was at his home, I noticed a lot of wine and beer bottles in the trash. 6) Listen to their dating/relationship history: A man who has a pattern of unhealthy or immature relationships is extremely problematic. One thing I have learned is that many of these men know that their relationship history isn’t good. See #3 10) Men who don’t keep their promises or follow through on what they say they are going to do! Many will claim to have done the work to not repeat this pattern. If this is happening in the first month, when they are trying to make a good impression, it isn’t going to be pretty down the road.

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Maybe the relationship isn't right and is destined for nowhere, but you also may have found a keeper, and your actions aren't lining up with your intentions.

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