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This is likely to be a shift over time, not a full sudden change.

During this rapid change of growth your child will be able to take on all kinds of responsibilities that they may not have been able to do before.

You know that your middle schooler is becoming gaining independence.

Perhaps during the elementary school years your child came home and begged you to participate and volunteer at their school whenever you could be there.

You may also want to consider locker organizers, extra tabs and a student planner if the school does not provide one to each student.

Many middle schools require students to use a paper planner to keep track of assignments.

You can support your child by attending any middle school orientations and finding out what the school and each teacher expects in terms of organization and homework completion.

Take advantage of any communication opportunities that is provided to parents, such as weekly emails, newsletters, and online grade portals.

Add to this to your feeling tired after all of the years of volunteering whenever you could during elementary school -- you just might feel like stepping totally back from being involved with your child during middle school. There are many reasons why your middle schooler still needs you during this time of transition to adulthood.Shift gears from the direct involvement you have with a younger child to the support system a teenager needs. Dating Middle school romances typically need little interference from parents, beyond setting basic rules about curfew and keeping you notified about where he is and who he's with.He'll share details when he feels it's necessary and appropriate.Be sure to check your child's planner regularly.If nothing is written in it, follow up by checking with your child's teachers to see if they should have assignments recorded in their planner.

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Middle schoolers are assigned lockers for the materials, yet are given less time and instruction for organizing and maintaining their lockers.

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