Validating vision mission and core values

The exercises also brought to light the complexity of aligning the college's strategy with that of the parent organisation.

As with all things, it is, of course, important that there is clarity over what is being referred to, otherwise there can be no understanding; but, by the same token, this does not mean that everyone must agree with every term chosen in order to make use of this guide.The question we asked was: 'Given the values of our parent organisation what is the unique contribution that Beaumont College can bring? We thought the section on mission, vision and values helped clarify a number of issues for the team and in completing the exercises focussed people’s attention on ‘future talk’ which was energising and helpful.It brought to light shared assumptions which were interesting to articulate given the different range of experiences of different team members.This really doesn’t matter – call each what you will according to what you believe will have the greatest resonance for your institution.What does matter are the concepts which these various terms describe and the importance of ensuring that each are addressed appropriately – whatever they may be called.

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